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Bushpilot Adventures organises and facilitates self-fly safaris through Southern Africa. What better way to see the wonders of this land than from the pilot's seat of your own aircraft. Whether you're a PPL wanting to experience something beyond flying circuits at your local airfield, a seasoned ATP looking to recapture that passion for flying, or a traveller wanting to experience Africa from a bird's perspective, alone or as part of a group, the flying in this part of the world offers a truly rewarding and unforgettable experience.

All the most pristine and unspoiled places are without doubt off the beaten track, often only accessible by air. If it's a genuine rustic and wild experience you're after, the adventures are only waiting. But you will not find these in any guidebook or airport listing. For a pilot, as for anyone else, these adventures come at a price; usually in the form of accessibility problems and the lack of those creature comforts we’ve gotten so used to (air traffic control, windsocks, tarmac, avgas, aircraft mechanics etc.), not to mention unpredictable weather and far distances from help. Bush flying has entered the world of aviation and popular culture as a rugged, romantic lifestyle that combines elements of great beauty and independence with a certain degree of risk and danger.


Guided Tours - For the social pilot who wants to enjoy a luxury safari flying in the bush.
Self-guided Tours - For the more adventurous and experienced pilot, wanting to set off on his/her own.

Whether setting out on your own or as part of an organised group, a trip through Africa by air is sure to be an adventure packed, rich and rewarding experience. Our diversity of wildlife, tribes and cultures, stunning natural beauty and sub-tropical climate have made it a favourite destination amongst many visitors, yet the mobility of flying presents the opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist trail; the freedom of the air allows us to visit those exclusive areas which are otherwise hard or nearly impossible to reach, places in which the real Africa still emanates in every sight and sound.


The bushpilot training course was setup to teach pilots advanced flying techniques, specifically with regards to flying in the bush. You will discover areas within the airplane's performance envelope you never thought possible. You will learn how to obtain maximum performance from your aircraft, master extreme short and soft field techniques, landing in unimproved areas and sloped one way in and out mountain strips, and flying in confined mountainous areas. Even if you do not intend to fly in the remote bush or mountains, the techniques you will learn during this course will make you a much more proficient and safe pilot.

 The training will be led by "CC Pocock" from Bushair, an experienced bush pilot

 and a pioneer in running such courses. His focus is on teaching safety, but he
 won't do this by holding your hand; once out there you will be at the controls
 pushing yourself and the aircraft within the safe limits taught by CC; limits
 which up to now had seemed unrealistic. Besides the fun you'll have the
 course can be quite rigorous and demanding, but it's guaranteed to leave
 you feeling more confident behind the controls and on the ground in the wild.
Once armed with the knowledge taught by CC you will then continue into the
wilds of Africa as part of a guided tour or on your own; either way, sharing
airspace with the eagles and ground space with an array of wildlife, in the
  freedom of a plane, promises to make it an unforgettable and rewarding experience.
Further information on the Bushpilot Course is available here...

PPL to ATP, farmer, surveyor, flying doctor or pure adventure flyer, whether building hours or specifically interested in bush flying, you're sure to walk away from the plane wide eyed and grinning...

Welcome to the world of Bushflying...